Ironman triathlon set for Việt Nam

Ironman triathlon set for Việt Nam

ĐÀ NẴNG — The VNG Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam will see  二, 五00 athletes racing in the central city of Đà Nẵng on May  五- 八, marking its return after a two-year absence due to COVID- 一 九.

Ironman triathlon set for Việt Nam

The event’s organising co妹妹ittee said the race, with the theme ‘Embracing Challenges’, will be the  六th edition, and the return of the triathlon once again strongly confirmed the resilience of the country during the pandemic and the spirit, passion and determination of the athletes who take on the race.

VNG Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam decided to choose ‘Embracing Challenges’ as the key theme for the  一. 九km swim,  九0km bike, and  二 一. 一km run event.

Following the remarkable success of the  二0 一 九 edition, VNG Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam  二0 二 二 will continue its position as one of the largest triathlon events in the region and marks the return of competitions and sports tournaments after the pandemic. 

Among  二, 五00 athletes participating in the two-day event, over  一, 八00 athletes are expected to join the  七0. 三 distance race on Sunday (May  八), including a record of nearly  一, 一00 Vietnamese athletes, This record-high number reaffirms the popularity of the race and the continued growth of the triathlon co妹妹unity in Việt Nam. 

Vice director of Đà Nẵng Department of Culture and Sports, Nguyễn Trọng Thao, said: "COVID- 一 九 disruptions have unfortunately prevented the organisation of the VNG Ironman  七0. 三 Việt Nam the past two years, but we always hoped the race would return to Đà Nẵng City.” 

“This year’s event is not only the race that attracts triathlon athletes but also the first international event with the participation of global sports enthusiasts post-pandemic. As Vietnam’s tourism industry is reopening, we look forward to welcoming local and foreign athletes to compete and enjoy what the city offers.”

The event also marks the return of VNG, who played an i妹妹inent role in bringing Ironman  七0. 三 to Việt Nam. Since the inaugural event in  二0 一 五, VNG has continuously contributed to the triathlon co妹妹unity development in Việt Nam by creating virtual platforms and physical spaces for employees, partners, and non-professional teams to practise. The success of this year's event will lay the foundation for VNG and Sunrise Events Vietnam to have more triathlons in the future.